Whether you’re looking to establish a brand, influence perception, grow market awareness, generate leads, build brand loyalty or strengthen your reputation, Freshfield has a GamePlan that can help you achieve success from your marketing communications.

Our GamePlan squad includes an eclectic mix of marketing professionals including former inhouse marketing and business development managers, public sector officers, journalists and business owners.

Our experience and backgrounds give us the knack of being able to see everything through the client’s eyes and to become trusted long-term partners, offering insight into the key issues facing our clients and, more importantly, the solutions needed to help clients achieve success from their marketing.

Our approach is back to front. We’ll establish a vision of success (your goals), work backwards to determine what needs to be done and work tirelessly to make it happen.

Freshfield’s intelligent and considered style means we listen, offer great insight and make astute decisions on how you invest your resources. Our wide-ranging expertise also extends to the types of organisations we work with.

We’re experts at working in partnership with business development and marketing teams, and public sector bodies. We are equally at home working with entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, partnerships and boards of directors.

To dig deeper into our specific GamePlan expertise read on below:


Tell your brand story, influence your reputation and perception, and generate leads through our unique PR service that seamlessly brings together the four core strands of a successful modern public relations programme.


Give your marketing and business development efforts a real shot in the arm by getting one of our experienced marketing consultants on board. We can work in a non-executive role, be your marketing manager or simply give your existing team cracking marketing ideas at your monthly meeting.

& Design

Our experienced branding and design consultants can help you define your brand, visually represent it and create stunning online and offline collateral to successfully support your marketing programmes.

Digital Development
& Search

We create websites, owned media channels and search GamePlans that increase visitors, conversions and leads. Our digital developers talk in a commercial and straight-forward language.