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Freshfield’s business development and marketing team comprises a powerful mix of former inhouse strategic marketers, content marketing and digital specialists, giving clients all the ingredients needed for marketing success.

We believe marketing holds a unique place in the world. It has the ability to shape and change perspectives, to inform communities of new products and new services and it has the ability to kickstart growth within organisations.

As sectors rapidly evolve in the changing global landscape, we see more clearly than ever the ability of marketing to effect positive change for organisations.

With decades of experience in strategic and operational marketing, our trusted advisers can deliver data-backed business development and marketing benefits. We can improve marketing performance, enhance marketing and relationship processes, transform cross-selling and referral management, get your website found, help educate your leaders and help you make better decisions through more meaningful data.

Whatever size or sector, as part of our strategic planning, we work with you to agree the business priorities from the outset. Having a clear set of manageable goals from the start of the project is crucial, to then ensure we are measuring our impact and delivering real value back to you.

We will work as trusted partners with your senior management team to get underneath the skin of the business, providing us with the insight we need to develop an impactful marketing and business development plan.

We support clients with an established business and marketing team or work with companies looking for an outsourced and flexible team to fill that void.

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