Lead Generation

Most organisations understand the pain of generating leads and losing the opportunity.

After weeks of successful lead generation, pitches and discussions, the prospect drops out of the sales funnel without buying. For small organisations this sales process can be a burden on already restricted resource, and the impact on sales morale can be hard hit.

Unfortunately, it does happen in the sales process, but it can happen less often when you have the correct sales funnel process. Many small business sales funnels act like sieves, with holes left by poorly managed excel sheets, missed appointments and forgotten follow-ups.

Generating leads and increasing sales conversion to win new business is at the core of what we do at Freshfield. We recognise that each client and target audience is unique. Our team of professionals take time to explore your target audience, find out what’s important, and how can we best reach out to them.

The insight we can derive from your customers is then the foundation for the campaigns we create, generating new leads, and keeping your prospects constantly engaged throughout the sales funnel.

By working with you to refine your sales process, we can identify leaks in the sales-funnel, and streamline the conversion process, ensuring we bring leads down to the bottom of the sales funnel.  We aim to improve every stage of your sales process from pitching to follow ups. Even when a lead is lost we believe it’s important to gain feedback to find out why.

How we can help

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Sales funnel optimisation
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales automation
  • Inbound marketing
  • CRM audits and recommendations

If you have a specific challenge and need our help, please speak to one our specialists today.

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