Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing focuses on cultivating deeper more meaningful relationships with customers, intermediaries and partners, ensuring long-term satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Relationship marketing isn’t focused on short term wins or sales transactions but it’s about creating advocacy within a circle of trusted partners.

One thing that every business knows is that a happy customer will return. A happy customer will likely tell three or more of their associates about your business. An unhappy customer will likely tell six or more people about their experience with your business. So, no matter what business you are in, building a relationship and keeping the customer happy is key.

Having great relationships with customers can bring no end of benefits to a business. Great relationship marketing can help build opportunities for customers to recommend you to other partners, it can reduce the likelihood of a customer choosing a competitor, and quite often your best customers will spend more money with you.

At Freshfield, we bring a fresh approach in helping you to identify your trusted partners. We will work hard with your team to create a marketing plan that aims to identify and build relationships with clients, intermediaries and other partners, whether it be through email marketing, social media platforms, networking opportunities, events or forums.

We recognise that some team members may need some coaching or mentoring to give them the confidence needed to reach out and forge relationships face to face or online. We will work with them to create a coaching plan, giving everyone the confidence, they deserve.

Our team has experience of working inhouse for large national, professional services firms, helping to create and implement successful relationship marketing campaigns.

How we can help

  • Relationship marketing campaigns
  • CRM systems
  • Data and segmentation
  • Sector event research and planning
  • Email marketing
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Customer surveys
  • Reciprocity analysis

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