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5 ways professional firms can tap into influencer marketing

When you think of the term influencer marketing what enters your head?

Many people will probably think about major celebrities like the Kardashians, or young social media influencers who can bring a city to standstill but are little known outside of YouTube and Instagram.

It’s probably not something you associate with accountants, lawyers, property firms, or financial advisers. But influencer marketing needn’t be the preserve of consumer brands.

Believe it or not, influencer marketing predates the social media age, we just called it by another name. In fact, you’ve probably already been doing it.

Anybody with the potential to help others see your brand in a good light can be an influencer. So, here’s five ways B2B companies can use influencers.

Ask for a testimonial or review

We’re much more likely to believe a claim made by third party about a company or person, than if we heard the same words from the company itself.

Asking for a testimonial or customer review for your website or social media channels is a great way to influence people and communicate your values, particularly if the person giving the review is held in high esteem in your sector.

Curate guest content for your website

Inviting other specialists and industry experts to create guest content for your website is another effective way to influence your clients and customers.

Guest blogging or vlogging can be easily integrated into your content marketing strategy and can offer a different view that still complements your own content and key messages.

Asking professional contacts from other disciplines to work with you on some video content is also a fantastic way to build and strengthen those relationships and engage with potential new clients.

Invite inspiring people to speak at your events

Business events needn’t always be about technical matters or a platform to promote your services.

Inviting successful people with interesting stories to speak at your events can make them, and you, stand out. It might be an interview with someone who has conquered Everest or an after-dinner speech from a celebrated former sportsperson or media personality.

People are more likely to remember your event if they were genuinely inspired. You can also use these events to create great follow-up content, such as video and podcasts, for your website and social channels.

Seek brand ambassadors

Several years ago, I worked with a well-known bank which signed up several sporting legends and former Olympians to be brand ambassadors.

The ambassadors were paid to speak at events, delivering motivational talks and insights aimed at inspiring the bank’s business customers, and would also take part in the bank’s CSR activity with schools and community groups.

It was an incredibly powerful partnership which helped position the bank alongside life’s champions.

Let your staff be your biggest influencers

To become attractive to potential employees, your staff are the most powerful influencers you could ever have.

Create the right culture and environment for them to thrive and they will sing your praises to all who will listen, including sharing positive news on social media.

Written by Andrew Taylor, at Freshfield

For more information, please contact Andrew or the Freshfield team on 01772 888400.

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