Yeo Valley brand repositioning hits the right note

Yeo Valley brand repositioning hits the right note

Making any established brand more appealing to a younger audience is a challenge.

But when it concerns an organic dairy brand like Yeo Valley it’s all the more difficult.

However, global advertising agency BBH may have done the trick with the new Yeo Valley rap ad.

The advert has been appearing recently during the commercial breaks for the X Factor. A full-length version has had over a million views on YouTube, and you can even download the rap as a ringtone on the Yeo Valley website.

I think the video is clever because it manages to do so much. We understand that this is a natural brand because the organic herd and lush West Country fields are star attractions, but it gets that message across by parodying a young person’s musical genre and its cultural iconography without offending it. Furthermore, this use of humour is unlikely to alienate Yeo Valley’s existing customer base.

A look at the Yeo Valley website reinforces the brand values – supporting British farming, the environment, and local communities.

Of course it remains to be seen how all this will translate into sales. A viral You Tube video doesn’t necessarily guarantee them, and the challenge now will be for Yeo Valley to sustain and develop the new look campaign.

Written by Samit Nayi, at Freshfield

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