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Branding and design: Why your workplace is your theatre

Branding and Design why your workplace is your theatre
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Written by Samit Nayi,
Lead Designer at Freshfield

One of the most important things any business has to think about is branding. A brand identity is what makes your company unique, recognisable and engaging to your clients and customers.

However, it’s surprising how many businesses still overlook branding in their office or workspace.

Offices are not what they used to be – and that’s largely a good thing. New technology, as well as changing attitudes and working practices, have led to the likes of Google and Microsoft going all out with the design of their offices, installing slides, play areas and even indoor farms. They take this to a whole new level, blurring the boundaries of working and socialising.

While most businesses can only dream of having the resources to fit out their offices in such a fashion, organisations are now switching on to the fact that their workspace is as much an opportunity to express who they are as a company, as it is a functional place to get work done.

Reflecting your brand identity, vision and values

Your office or workspace says a great deal about who and what you are, and shapes your visitors’ perception of the quality of service you’ll provide. ‘Branding’ your workplace is also a great opportunity to create some theatre for your prospective employees and partners.

Of course, it’s not just about having your company name and logo on the wall, it’s about how the personality and character of your brand is reflected in everything from the desks, chairs and wallpaper, to the cups you serve tea and coffee in.

Replicating your business’ online image in an ‘offline’ environment will help it gain trust and communicate a consistent message.

Just as high street retailers and supermarkets design their stores in a way that encourages you to spend as much time (and money) in them as possible, the concept also applies to the B2B market, but in a less obvious way.

The importance of bringing your workspace to life

On average we spend 99,117 hours at work during our lifetime, so there’s nothing wrong with trying to make your workplace more fun and vibrant.

Studies have shown that your business is more likely to have higher workplace satisfaction and improved morale if your work environment is clean, bright and comfortable and if the organisation’s vision, mission and values are clearly communicated.

The key benefits of branding your workspace are:

  • Improved brand positioning
  • Better customer recognition
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Higher perceived value from investors
  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Increased productivity
  • A better understanding of your mission, vision and values

At Freshfield our team of branding and design professionals have vast experience in office and workspace branding and some of our projects are pictured within this post.

We work with a range of professionals, such as furniture suppliers and visual display experts, to ensure your brand identity and values are reflected in the places where you work.

For more information on office branding and design, please get in touch with me on 01772 888400 or send me an e-mail.

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