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Infographics – essential content marketing collateral

Infographics – essential content marketing collateral
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Written by Samit Nayi,
Lead Designer at Freshfield

Google has almost 43 million references to infographics, while searches for the term “infographic” have risen by 750 per cent in the last two years. This means the graphical presentation of statistical data is increasingly vital to any content marketing plan…

Some 65 per cent of us are ‘visual learners’ and research at 3M Corporation shows we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Translated into an internet context, this enables digital infographics to deliver massive quantities of compelling information, literally in the blink of an eye.

Integrated into websites, presentations, and advertising campaigns, infographics are highly effective tools for any marketing initiative aiming to make an instant and memorable impression.

Getting the message across

Convincing and captivating infographics integrate pictures and statistics – two forms of content with strong appeal.

An effective combination of graphics and text acts as a powerful multiplier. Images interact with words and numbers to generate audience engagement that exceeds anything produced by graphics or text alone.

According to Robert Horn, of Stanford University in the USA, ‘visual language’ can increase ‘human bandwidth’ by enabling people to swiftly understand and assimilate large amounts of fresh information.

Leave your rivals standing on thought leadership

The potential of infographics as a platform for thought leadership is immense. By grabbing – and keeping – the attention of your audience, infographics place you in pole position to express your views and insights in an authoritative and immediately accessible format.

Using vibrant images, eye-catching 3-D representations, and engaging interactive features, you can leverage your own data and statistics in a way that leaves your competitors standing.

How infographics can boost your Google ranking

Infographics increase the exposure of your brand, and are often shared via social media platforms, as well as being used by other organisations in exchange for a link back to your site.

All this helps to improve Search Engine Optimisation and raise your ranking because the internet is rapidly gathering well-designed and accessible infographics across all business sectors.

Words without pictorial context sometimes fail to score valuable search engine points for user-experience – and it’s not difficult to see why information-rich images are so popular among professional bloggers and website managers.

How Freshfield can help

Our team of specialist graphic designers work with clients to create impactful and exciting infographic content. Contact us now to find out how we can produce infographics individually tailored to the needs of your marketing strategy.

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