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The importance of messaging in communications

the importance of messaging in communications
Simon Turner Freshfield Managing Director

Written by Simon Turner,
Chief Executive & Group Client Director at Freshfield

As a prominent Northwest PR and marketing communications consultancy, Freshfield is often approached by companies totally confused about who and what they are.

It may seem a straightforward proposition, but being able to clearly tell the world why they need to think of you is a major challenge.

In a 24/7 mass media world, failing to capture the attention of your audience straight away is a missed opportunity.

This places great importance on defining your message simply and clearly at the start of any communications programme. Don’t be subtle, don’t be too clever, just tell it like it is. If your audience needs to work hard to understand the message, you’re getting it wrong.

So many companies struggle with their message, especially service businesses. Why? I believe that those defining the message are so close to the action they struggle to offer a clear perspective. It happens to us all.

Many businesses focus too much on themselves, for example, “We do XYZ”; “We are award-winning…”; “We have the best services/products…”. Remember, your message needs to resonate with your audience.

We can use Turner & Co as an example, a fictitious firm of accountants.

• Message option one: “Turner & Co has a leading team of accountancy and tax specialists and has been advising businesses since 1932.”

• Message option two: “Our mission is to help businesses improve their profits and help their owners get more from life.”

Same firm, different proposition.

In the advertising world, we have all embraced great slogans and straplines that have made brands famous across the world. Some examples are here. We can all learn from these.

The fact we are in a new era where communications teams are managing all kinds of channels, the need to be clear, structured and consistent with messaging has never been more important.

Freshfield launched a messaging service last year to help organisations define their proposition. At a time when many companies are realigning their offering, there has never been a better time to review your message. Is your message getting home?

A fresh perspective can really help.

Please note: Turner & Co is not a real firm of accountants. We cannot advise on tax.

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