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Using animation as part of your video content marketing programme

Using animation as part of your ontent marketing strategy
Ben Hewes Head of Video; PR & Comms Manager

Published by Ben Hewes,
Content Marketing & Video Production Manager at Freshfield

Videos are an increasingly effective way of communicating an organisation’s message to its audience, providing a visually interesting and dynamic experience.

There are a number of different types of videos available to a business. There is the all-singing, all-dancing corporate profile, to short Q&As, but technology is now allowing more opportunities to turn to animation.

Thanks to the strength and availability of software like Adobe’s After Effects package it has become possible to produce professional standard animated videos to bring to life information and messages like never before.

Freshfield’s video team has recently worked with Ludlow Wealth Management Group on an animated video, which can be seen here.

This animation examines a topic of great importance to the business – its core belief that the work it carries out means that ‘Life is for Living’ for its clients while its advisors take care of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of wealth management.

The final animation presents this belief in a stylised, colourful way that complements existing elements of the site including a past video, utilising similar colours and messages so the video feels part of the ‘family’ of Ludlow content.

We felt that an animation allowed us to tell the story in simple, relevant terms. Just as infographics are a great way to communicate large amounts of complex data in an easily understood, digestible and impactful way, animations are an alternative means to tell the story.

The aim of online video is to engage with an audience, and to do this for longer than a traditional piece of content might. Even Google likes video animations, recognising and ranking highly for strong, rich and original content.

Videos are another medium to give website visitors a reason for moving around the site longer than they might otherwise. And an interesting and well-designed animation can make this method even more effective, adding visual engagement at speed in short bites.

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