Crisis management and community engagement

We work with businesses to mitigate and reduce the impact a crisis can have on a company’s reputation, while building relationships with local communities to ensure better two-way engagement.

For example, when residents started protesting about smells from a local waste plant, Freshfield was called in to provide a crisis management plan.

Working with the management team of the site, we created a programme to provide informative updates, tours and meetings for the local community.

The impact of our work resulted in a much more open dialogue for the organisation with the community, media and stakeholders – building trust and creating positive relationships.

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What our clients are saying about us

“Freshfield’s work has raised our profile massively, helping us to make new connections and grow our business. We often turn to Freshfield when taking key business decisions as their experience in getting the message right is invaluable.”

Paul Walton, director, PWA Planning

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