Crisis management and community engagement

We work with businesses to mitigate and reduce the impact a crisis can have on a company’s reputation, while building relationships with local communities to ensure better two-way engagement.

For example, when residents started protesting about smells from a local waste plant, Freshfield was called in to provide a crisis management plan.

Working with the management team of the site, we created a programme to provide informative updates, tours and meetings for the local community.

The impact of our work resulted in a much more open dialogue for the organisation with the community, media and stakeholders – building trust and creating positive relationships.

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What our clients are saying about us

“Repositioning the whole of Boost could have taken months but was delivered in less than a week. Freshfield has worked with a huge range of Boost partners to deliver exceptional results, enabling the provision of vital support to the county’s business owners at a time of need.”

Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub

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