Environment and Sustainability

We’re passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and work with businesses which are helping to combat climate change and create a more sustainable world.

Our environmental PR team is experienced in working with green charities, businesses, local authorities and manufacturers which are committed to having a positive global impact. We strive to help you achieve your organisation’s goals to preserve, protect and save the environment.

Sectors we specialise in

Environmental charities

Our experience working with leading environmental charities has helped to create a meaningful impact on the communities around us. Working with sustainability experts, we have run targeted behaviour change campaigns aimed at reducing our human impact on the environment. Our PR, digital and social media campaigns have led to a growth in publicly available electric car charging sites, in addition to encouraging people to embrace technologies to reduce the carbon impact of their homes. Additionally, while working with leading sustainable development experts we have built marketing strategies around green technology and skills hubs.

Our expertise on public and business communications and marketing techniques, along with our environmental focus, can also offer strategic marketing plans and advice to make charities reach out to funders, donors and customers.

Climate change

Navigating the impacts of climate change is about more than just prevention but ensuring our local environment and communities are protected from its more severe impacts. Our experience with climate change impact projects includes working with emergency food suppliers for disaster situations through to developing communications and marketing plans for property and construction projects designed to minimise the impact of coastal and surface water flooding.


Becoming a green business can’t happen overnight and most organisations don’t have the answers about ways to make a positive impact on the environment. The green consultancy sector is growing rapidly as we head towards the UK’s net zero goals and we can support your business development objectives and growth at the same time.

Following decades of experience building marketing strategies for professional services companies and promoting the positive impact of environmental consultancies, we can help bring your service to market, starting conversations with leading businesses and offering strategic advice on public relations, marketing and lead generation.

Recycling and green waste

Reusing and minimising the environmental impact of our waste is big business as we work to divert our rubbish away from landfill and increase circularity in global production. Working across multiple sectors and audiences, we can offer expertise on improving relationships and partnerships across domestic and commercial waste, increasing stakeholder engagement, increasing a customer base and changing behaviours, through to building thought leadership campaigns that focus on your sustainability goals and social values.

Crisis management and community engagement

Major cultural changes don’t take place overnight. Tackling climate change takes time and the road won’t always be smooth. We regularly work with businesses to mitigate and reduce the impact that a crisis can have on a company’s reputation, while also building relationships with a local community to ensure better two-way engagement.

When residents started protesting about smells from a local waste plant, Freshfield was called in to provide a crisis management plan. Working with the management team of the site, we created a programme to provide informative updates, tours and meetings for the local community. The impact of our work resulted in a much more open dialogue for the organisation with the community, media and stakeholders – building trust and creating positive relationships.

Why we are passionate about these sectors

As a company committed to having a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment, we believe we can’t sit back and watch while the world needs our urgent help. We’re passionate about playing our part and working with like-minded organisations to help current and future generations.

Working with environmental and sustainability businesses, we can be part of a team that positively impacts our earth, combat climate change and prepare our communities to face its impacts.

Types of impact we can deliver

  • Change public behaviours through campaigns
  • Build partnerships with industry bodies
  • Help people understand new innovations
  • Influence local authorities and other stakeholders
  • Support bids for funding
  • Position you as a thought leader
  • Build your brand and reputation
  • Build trust and engagement
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Create new leads and opportunities
  • Building and delivering crisis management
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Successfully launch new services

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