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For many years, Freshfield has been working in the diverse fields of healthcare and wellbeing.

In such sensitive environments, it is critical to build a reputation that is authoritative and professional, whilst communicating the benefits of the services being offered and the organisation.

Types of work we undertake


Within the complex demands of the NHS, Freshfield has operated at diverse levels of the organisation working closely with CEOs, marketing teams and clinicians on the ground.

We design programmes aimed at meeting your challenge, whether a gap in communicating with a community group or a wider strategic issue to help reassure stakeholder groups.

We can also work on a secondment basis to ensure we get close to the organisation and its challenges, becoming a part of your team to ensure you benefit from the experience and skills we bring as part of a seamless service.


Working closely with senior executives, we have helped to design communications programmes which have raised awareness of new and changing services at local and national level.

Activity has included internal and external communications audits, media campaigns at local and national level, liaison with partner groups, lobbying and direct programmes with hard-to-reach groups to gather feedback on emerging services through surveys, events and online activity.

We have also designed campaigns in support of transformational NHS programmes including the gathering of data and new ways of communicating with the public to allow increased choice of treatments and how they access it.

Care homes

For a number of care home networks, we have helped to build a reputation of authority, working with the media, local authorities, partners and stakeholders to ensure the organisation is known and understood for its specialist services.

We also helped to foster partnerships with important national organisations including Care England to ensure our clients get a share of voice nationally on issues of importance.

How we can help

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Integrated PR and communications programmes
  • Improve engagement with hard to reach groups
  • Programmes around complex health and wellbeing issues
  • Launches of new services and initiatives
  • Crisis and issues PR
  • Marketing collateral and website development

If you have a specific challenge and need our help, please speak to one our specialists today.

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