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In a sensitive and challenging environment, considered communication plays a vital role in healthcare and Freshfield’s specialist team offers many years of experience to support organisations in this field.

We work in partnership with healthcare teams at all levels including NHS boards, NHS marketing or public relations teams, partners and clinicians on the ground to help communicate their services to local, regional and national audiences including the end user, specific hard-to-reach demographic groups, and healthcare professionals.

Sectors we specialise in


Whether working on a long-term programme or specific campaign, we work closely with you to define the challenge and find the solution for impact. The complex and transformational nature of the NHS demands an understanding of the diverse issues of the industry and how to address them.

Our experience spans work at a national level for specialist parts of the NHS including Trusts and national centres of excellence. Our dedicated campaigns have supported Trusts on specific issues such as new services, finding and communicating with hard-to-reach groups or developing an organisation’s communications strategy. Additionally, we can work with more localised hospital trusts, clinical commissioning groups or public health authorities to run targeted behaviour change campaigns.

We can also work on a secondment basis on site where it is important to work as part of your team, helping to shape strategy and deliver on it, attending meetings in an advisory capacity and supporting your marketing team directly.

Our services in this field include media relations, crisis and issues management, social media, lobbying and board support.

Care homes

In the highly competitive and demanding environment of the care home sector, we build and protect your reputation for safety, care and excellence. Working closely with care home managers and owners, we develop a marketing strategy to help build your profile in the communities of relevance among the people who make decisions about care homes for their loved ones.

We develop news for local and regional media to highlight the good work you undertake in the communities you serve whether activities in the home, news of achieving a new industry standard or the appointment of key employees. Equally, we work with you to protect your reputation should negative news need addressing as part of our crisis and issues management service.

As part of our work, we create partnerships with important national organisations such as Care England, local charities and public sector institutions including local authorities.

Why we are passionate about these sectors

Our work in the healthcare sector is meaningful and gives us great satisfaction. We work as part of your team, bringing our skills to bear in the most relevant way, using diverse channels or a specific channel to make impact on your behalf.

Working together in collaboration with you, we make sure the communication then helps to make the difference externally in support of your business or organisational objectives.

Types of impact we can deliver

  • Building and protecting your brand and reputation
  • Creating a communications strategy for healthcare services
  • Successful B2B healthcare marketing
  • Building trust and engagement
  • Creating meaningful relationships
  • Successfully launching new services
  • Managing impact-led behaviour change campaigns
  • Building partnerships with industry bodies

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