Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Freshfield’s commercially-savvy and creative designers can work with you at every stage of your branding life cycle.

Many of our clients engage Freshfield as its outsourced, retained design team. The close working relationship ensures we get under the skin of our clients, helping produce a creative difference.

Freshfield is particularly well known for its brand development prowess.

This is much more than creating a logo. Our branding and design team works in tandem with our marketing and PR consultants to help clients truly define their brand, purpose and values, before visually representing the new brand to stunning effect.

This is what we do:

Branding and Design at Freshfield
Freshfield interior artwork for Branding & Design banner
Branding and design idea graphic with lightbulb and brain in a box

Brand narrative development

Whether for a new brand or evolving brand, our specialists have the vision and clarity to help you truly represent the essence of your organisation and create ‘your story’. We have experience in helping companies define their purpose and values, creating a brand narrative that is unashamedly simple, yet impactful.

Branding and design Font measurement and creation

Logo and identity

Consultation leads our creatives. We listen carefully to your stakeholders to shape our thinking. Logo and identity development projects are more successful when they are co-created. That means working as a partnership to create an end result that visually represents the organisation, resonates with audiences and is versatile.

Branding & Design - Naming graphic with pencil and capital F


Whether a start-up or a new product of an existing brand, getting your name right is the start of the branding process. We will take you on a journey that will take the guesswork out of name creation and create a brand name that is timeless and effective.

Branding and design

Marketing Collateral

Our design team can help create and produce a consistent suite of collateral including corporate stationery, publications, exhibition material, packaging, interior branding décor, building signage and digital assets.

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We can help you grab attention and enable your brand to tell a deeper story through the creation of original illustrations.


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