Community Engagement

The expectation that businesses should have a positive impact on society has never been higher, and Freshfield can help you build strong, purposeful relationships with your communities through effective community engagement.

It’s well proven that businesses and brands that act in this purposeful way are increasingly reaping the rewards of greater customer and employee loyalty.

However, community engagement needs to be done in an authentic way if you want to genuinely build trust.

Social value public relations should never be viewed as a quick win. It needs to be carefully considered, planned properly, and given the relevant energy and resources to succeed.

Freshfield has many years of experience of advising businesses on community impact programmes.

Community public relations can only succeed if it is led from the top of the organisation.

Our starting point is usually to discover the causes and issues that are important to you and your organisation.

This is because community impact programmes build greater social value in the long term if they are aligned with your business purpose.

Community impact PR often follows on from our purpose consultancy work with clients. Following this strategic work, we are better placed to support community impact campaigns that align with your organisational and personal goals.

We can then help you run long term media relations, content marketing, awareness campaigns, and thought leadership PR that supports these goals.

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How we can help

  • Helping you discover the issues that matter to you and your organisation
  • Helping you define your purpose with communities
  • Identifying the communities you want to engage with
  • Helping with outreach to community audiences
  • Devising a strategy to communicate with community audiences

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