Public Consultation

Our specialist public consultation service can help you engage, motivate and influence the people that really matter, getting them on your side.

Public consultation exercises can prove invaluable when you want to understand the needs and wants of a particular audience, or when you need to sensitively manage projects that could have a major impact on a community or group.

Whether you’re sharing information on a regeneration project or delivering news people might not want to hear, effective public consultation can help you get out in front of the story and retain control of the situation.

Freshfield can provide a comprehensive public consultation service to help you capture deep and meaningful feedback, make sure your audiences are fully informed, and to mitigate potential negativity and opposition.

We have worked successfully with a wide range of organisations in sectors including property and construction, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and tech to run public consultations, engage with stakeholders, and support public affairs and lobbying campaigns.

Whether it’s a community you want to engage with, MPs, councillors, government departments or other agencies, we can help you form a public consultation strategy to get your message heard.

From guidance on timings, format, key messages, and channels, through to the physical management of public consultation events, and the collation of data and feedback afterwards, our team has the experience to support you.

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How we can help

  • Audience and stakeholder mapping
  • Public consultation strategy and planning
  • Property and regeneration public consultation
  • Public consultation events
  • Online consultations and surveys
  • Event collateral
  • Public consultation reporting

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