Social Media

Technology has radically changed how people consume information and engage with brands. This has presented powerful opportunities for organisations to use social media to tell their story and build relationships.

If you’re looking to create a social media strategy, run a specific campaign or train your team, Freshfield’s experienced social media managers can help.

Working as part of an overarching PR and communications strategy, Freshfield has a team of experienced social media specialists that can create a robust social and digital communications framework.

Our social media work helps clients increase brand awareness, build trust, showcase expertise and manage their online reputation. We also help clients build their desired online communities with a focus on quality not quantity.

As part of our strategic planning process, we identify the most relevant channels used by people our clients want to reach while developing key messages and tone of voice. No matter what sector, having a consistent and authentic tone of voice is crucial in developing the highest levels of meaningful engagement.

Blending our team of copywriters, designers, animators and videographers, our social media programmes blend organic and paid-for social media content, helping clients maximise reach and ensuring messages are seen by the right people.

We can provide full social media management services covering scheduling, posting, engaging with and responding to your online community. We have a strong track record of effectively managing an array of social media platforms for our clients.

And to help measure what matters, we use a range of analytical tools to help clients understand what is being said online and its impact on their reputation.

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How we can help

  • Channel and audience strategy
  • Key messaging and tone of voice
  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation
  • Website and blog editorial management
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media training
  • Social media crisis and issue management

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