Creating the Two Zero brand


Lancashire County Council


Business Support

What we did:

Name development
Brand identity and rollout
Website development
Communications strategy and planning
PR and content programme
Social media management

Lancashire County Council’s business growth and innovation team called in Freshfield to help launch its brand new scaleup programme in 2020.

There was a temptation to brand it as ‘scaleup’ but after careful research, our brand advisers determined that the word had little meaning to fast growing business leaders.

The search for the stand-out idea took us to the numbers. What is a scaleup? Scaleup companies generate £1.3trn to the UK economy. Technically, they are companies aspiring to grow 20% year on year.

Our creative thinking took us from 20% to Two Zero, using the simple angled line from the percentage symbol as part of the logo lock up.

The Two Zero name also acts as an excellent storytelling prompt. The reason why it is called Two Zero is that the service is about helping businesses grow 20% year on year. Perfect for face to face communication.

Our create team oversaw the brand roll out using inspirational outdoor pursuit images to visually represents the scaleup journey.

Freshfield’s PR and communications team oversaw the launch of the brand covering media relations, content and social.

Two Zero’s three pilot programmes were a sell-out with a reservation list still growing. Its success has also been recognised the UK’s ScaleUp Institute.

The Two Zero brand proved its flexibility during coronavirus when it only required a minor tweak to temporarily adapt its message from grow faster to grow stronger, focusing on reliance.


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