Cumbria Action for Sustainability / Charge My Street

Encouraging businesses to install electric car charge points


Cumbria Action for Sustainability / Charge My Street


Environment and Sustainability

How we helped:

  • Communications strategy and advice
  • Content creation
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Media relations
  • Social media advertising

Cumbria Action for Sustainability asked Freshfield to support Charge My Street to connect with businesses in Lancashire which were interested in hosting a charge point for electric cars at their site.

Our strategy was to use local success stories to explain the business benefits of applying for a free EV charge point in the relevant local and business media, as well as through a targeted advertising campaign across Facebook and LinkedIn.

As well as telling impactful stories from local businesses that were already benefitting from hosting a site, we also completed an audience mapping exercise to determine which sectors we should target for an effective campaign.

We ran a series of awareness and conversion campaigns across Facebook and LinkedIn, generating new leads which the Charge My Street team could follow up and visit to complete the application.

In total, over 70,000 people in the county read about Charge My Street through Freshfield’s activity, with 15 businesses signing up for a charge point within the first 60 days of the campaign. This saved those businesses an estimated total of £70,000 compared to them paying to install the charge points themselves, while growing the reputation of Charge My Street and developing new business leads with some of the leading employers in Lancashire.

“Freshfield brought a wealth of expertise to this campaign. Their digital marketing skills and insights helped us to improve our targeting of audiences and our understanding of their motivations, taking the communications to another level.”

Cumbria Action for Sustainability