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Our team of brand repositioning experts have extensive experience in helping businesses change perceptions of their brand, product or service.

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The essence of brand repositioning is changing what your customers and stakeholders expect or associate with your brand.

However, there are many factors that drive the need for a brand repositioning campaign and all of them need to be considered carefully.

It might be down to a change of business strategy, the launch of a new division or service, a legacy reputation issue or changes happening in your market.

It may even be the result of wider societal changes and attempts to break outdated perceptions of your brand.

Brand repositioning should be seen as a considered adjustment to your brand, rather than a complete overhaul.

It may involve a visual refresh of the brand identity or updating the verbal brand messages. Whatever it involves, it needs to truly reflect your organisation and where it’s heading.

Freshfield has worked with businesses of all sizes on repositioning campaigns.

Often, we start with a Fresh Eyes Workshop – a consultancy session that aims to truly understand your business goals and objectives.

The information we glean from these powerful sessions helps us shape a robust brand repositioning strategy, one that ensures perception of your business is aligned with your stated objectives.

This strategy underpins the follow-on technical work that may then be required to reposition your business, including branding and design, website strategy and development, and content writing.

Our experts can guide you through the whole process, ensuring the result of your brand repositioning creates the desired change in perception.

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How we can help

  • Perception audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand repositioning strategies
  • Updates of brand and logo identity
  • Realignment of core values
  • Internal communications
  • Brand repositioning PR programmes

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