Thought Leadership Marketing Services

If you’re looking for a new thought leadership PR campaign to position your brand, people, services or products as industry leading, we can help.

Freshfield’s thought leadership PR campaigns can act as a powerful communications tool for your brand and business.

Thought leadership can help business leaders and other senior people within an organisation to raise their profile or be seen as a genuine authority on a particular subject.

At a deeper level, thought leadership enables you to build strong partnerships with industry bodies and other relevant organisations, giving you the opportunity to influence debate and even change policy.

Thought leadership is often deployed in CEO communications and awareness campaigns to raise the profile of leaders but also to demonstrate the positive impact an organisation is making in its sector and the wider world.

Thought leadership can be communicated in a variety of ways, including through lobbying, social media campaigns, using videos, blog posts, white papers and many other content marketing techniques.

It can also involve bringing other thought leaders in your sector together to debate the key issues and identify opportunities to make something better – for example, improving fire safety or campaigning for greater equality.

These techniques are often used to lobby government or other leaders to make positive change.

Freshfield works with organisations of all sizes to develop powerful thought leadership campaigns. We can help devise a thought leadership strategy, including goals, audiences and key messages, and then help you to deliver the campaign.

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How we can help

  • Advising on a thought leadership strategy
  • Devising powerful thought leadership campaigns
  • Identifying potential thought leadership partners to support your campaign
  • Creating the content for thought leadership activity
  • Using thought leadership to raise the profile of you and your key people

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