Measurement and Analysis

At Freshfield we measure what matters in the belief that what gets measured gets improved.

We have our own dedicated communications measurement and evaluation framework that has been co-developed with Steph Bridgeman, a leading UK media insight, PR measurement and media evaluation professional. Steph is a board member of the Association of Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).

Our PR and communication measurement framework follows AMEC principles, giving clients detailed analysis of paid, earned, shared and social media. We look beyond the data and numbers to provide strategic analysis of what is being communicated and what is being said by who, across all channels, helping clients to regularly audit their own reputation.

We have a partnership with Releasd, a customisable reporting tool that showcases the full breadth of modern PR activities in a visual format that busy clients and executives love.

At Freshfield, measurement is not an afterthought. We start every PR and communications campaign discussing measurement. What are the goals and how are we going to measure performance?

We also bring our analytical skills to help clients truly understand the media landscape and which media channels and influencers will enable them to build connections with target audiences.

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How we can help

  • Media research
  • Social media analytics
  • Campaign evaluation and reporting
  • Bring accountability to your PR and communications efforts

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