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A good communications strategy is a strong foundation for how an organisation is going to overcome a specific challenge, build relationships, enhance its reputation and inspire its employees.

Freshfield has a strong track record of working with business owners, management teams and BD and marketing teams to develop communications strategies and plans that help leaders achieve their goals.

Our award-winning specialists can help create organisational-wide strategies and those which support specific campaigns and programmes.

Fresh eyes and insights

When creating a communication strategy, we always start by taking a step back, a phase we call fresh eyes.

During this phase we dig deep to understand the key challenges facing organisations and their leaders. Part of this deep dive often involves Fresh Eyes Workshops, which brings together key internal constituents to debate their challenges and goals, and to co-create a fully aligned strategy, a foundation for real impact.

We also use insight to help inform strategies and ideas. Our tools include research, data and analytics, interviews, focus groups, competitor analysis, crisis PR risk analysis, communication audits and reputation audits. This fresh insight ignites new thinking.

Brand message development

Freshfield’s strategic PR and communications team has in-depth experience of helping organisations define their brand message and narrative to ensure a consistent story is created and curated across all channels to both internal and external audiences.

Gaining brand messaging consistency is vital so that every time your organisation communicates, your audiences can quicky identify and relate to your brand. Having a structure to this will also ensure you are conveying what it is you want to say.

To help you create a clear and consistent brand message strategy, we use a number of tools including perception audits, competitor analysis and focus groups.

Our strategic communications team works hand in hand with our Design and Content studio to ensure your brand identity represents your brand DNA and to ensure it is consistent across all of your communications assets.

Part of our brand messaging philosophy is that it needs to represent your values. As such, we also have experience of working with clients to review, discover and shape their core values.

Channel strategy

Organisations are faced with an unprecedented plethora of channel opportunities to convey their message and build relationships with their target audiences.

They include regional, sector and national media, your own channels – including your website, LinkedIn, X, Instagram – events, paid-for opportunities such as Google PCC, industry groups and their media, influencers and ambassadors, and events. And this is just to name a few.

As part of our communications and campaign approach, we will help you determine that you have the right channel strategy to help you connect with your target audience and maximise the opportunities provided by each channel.

Content strategy

With a team that includes former business journalists, writers, media relations specialists, social media managers and designers, we are ideally placed to create a successful content strategy. The specialist Freshfield team will help you create a diverse content strategy covering content assets such as news releases, thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, website blogs, social media videos, downloadable guides and infographics.

Relationship marketing strategy

An important goal of any business-to-business PR programme is to build relationships with clients, potential clients, intermediaries and industry influencers. We can help you create a relationship marketing calendar that highlights key events, industry bodies and strategic partners that will see you improve your opportunities to meet people that matter.

Measuring what matters

At Freshfield, measurement is not an afterthought. We start every PR and communications campaign discussing measurement. What are the goals and how are we going to measure performance? We have a principle that we measure what matters in the belief that what gets measured gets improved.

We have our own dedicated communications measurement and evaluation framework that has been co-developed with Steph Bridgeman, a leading UK media insight, PR measurement and media evaluation professional. Steph is a board member of the Association of Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).

Our PR and communications measurement framework follows AMEC principles, giving clients detailed analysis of paid, earned, shared and social media. We look beyond the data and numbers to provide strategic analysis of what is being communicated and what is being said by who, across all channels, helping clients to regularly audit their own reputation.

We have a partnership with Releasd, a customisable reporting tool that showcases the full breadth of modern PR activities in a visual format which provides measurement data upon which to make future decisions.

We also bring our analytical skills to help clients truly understand the media landscape and which media channels and influencers will enable them to build connections with target audiences.

Types of campaigns

We have a campaign toolkit that can help organisations at every stage of their journey whether they are launching a service or initiative, awareness raising, growing their business, selling their business or dealing with a major crisis or issue.

Whatever the campaign, we follow a tried and trusted process that starts with Fresh Eyes and covers clear strategies across content, channel and relationships while measuring performance.

Our approach to measurement ensures a philosophy of continuous improvement is applied to all our campaigns.

Freshfield is a PR and communications specialist in the following sectors: advanced manufacturing, energy transition, financial services, professional services, property and regeneration, public sector.

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