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‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it’. Powerful words by Warren Buffet. In today’s digital-first world, brands have never been under as much scrutiny.

Social media and the rise of online activism has handed more power to individuals. Businesses can very quickly find themselves at the centre of a storm, potentially facing customer boycotts, loss of sponsorship and other threats to income.

That’s not to mention the more traditional day-to-day risks that all businesses potentially face, such as IT failures, data breaches, major incidents, loss of key personnel, or other serious business disruption.

And history teaches us that these crises happen when we least expect them and when we are least prepared to deal with them.

However, being prepared to deal with a crisis quickly and effectively is the key to success. Freshfield has decades of experience in helping businesses to understand the full range of risks, prepare crisis communications plans, stress-test crisis response protocols, and advise businesses during a real crisis.

One of our key specialisms is in helping clients with issues management, where known or potentially unforeseen issues are managed sensitively before they have the opportunity to develop into a major crisis.

We help organisations and their leaders take a proactive approach to issues management, helping them consider the likely response of a wide range of audiences and stakeholders.

Having a team that includes former journalists and in-house PR professionals helps us to see a potential PR crisis from multiple angles and devise strategies to implement positive change and reduce reputational risk.

How we can help

  • Crisis PR and communication planning
  • Crisis and issues audits
  • Crisis response planning
  • Crisis scenario testing
  • Issues management
  • Media training
  • CEO communications
  • Employee communications

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