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Content is King

Content is king

Written by Emma Rawlinson,
at Freshfield

The landscape of search marketing has been rapidly changing over the course of the last few years and never before has the phrase ‘content is king’ been so important. In view of this, content needs to be a core part of any digital marketing strategy.

Every piece of content you place on your website needs to be viewed as an asset. It is these assets that form the building blocks of your online activity.

The aim of each piece of content you produce should be to make it as unique as possible in terms of the information and ideas that it puts forward.

Getting this right will provide something that is evergreen; it will continue to attract visitors and will encourage social sharing, organic links and conversations long after the ‘publish’ button has been pressed.

Here are five reasons to spend time creating effective website content:

1.     Promote your expertise and build relationships

By publishing quality and engaging content on a regular basis, you are able to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your particular niche. Done consistently, this helps to increase your visibility, helping to build trust and enhance your credibility. Being seen as an expert, a leader or the ‘go to’ person in your market will give you that much needed edge over your competition.

2.     Increase website traffic

Each piece of content that is published on a website provides the opportunity to attract more keyword searches. Focusing on the quality of your website content is a far more efficient way of increasing the number of visitors rather than trying to focus on the search rankings of a handful of trophy keywords.

3.     Build natural links

Links are key factors in contributing towards a website’s position in the search engine result pages. The practice of link building has become a core part of an SEO strategy but many have become fixated on quantity rather than quality in order to achieve higher positions in the search engines. Producing quality content on your website that attracts natural, organic links is a much safer way to go in order to future proof your website.

4.     Increase in social activity

Social media is on the rise and with advances in mobile technology, it is now at the core of our daily lives. For this reason alone it makes perfect sense that you should be leveraging these channels to promote the content you produce. This act of sharing can massively expand your reach.

5.     Improve conversions

By consistently producing quality content will help demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field. This in turn helps to build trust and authority which in turn is more likely to increase the likelihood of more enquiries, sales or email sign-ups.

So to recap, what should you be doing?

In order to embrace this idea of building content assets as a core part of your online marketing, the following are the key points to remember:

  • Be consistent
  • Be visible
  • Provide something of value, something that is going to solve a problem or provide a solution
  • Build a strong social presence and following
  • Build relationships
  • Leverage these relationships

In essence, following these five points will not only add value to your website, it will strengthen your business online and connect with your customers.

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