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How to make your business a talent magnet

Written by Michael Gregory,
Director at Freshfield

Positioning your business as an ‘employer of choice’ and stimulating interest in job vacancies may seem straightforward.

However, the real task lies in ensuring you are attracting the right type of candidates and that future employees will not only fit in with the ethos of your company but will enhance it.

How your organisation acts or conducts itself plays a large part in the process – as does the way this is communicated. Here’s five tips for better communication with prospective employees:

  1. Tell them what you stand for

Firstly you should actively communicate the culture of your business or organisation. What makes it tick? Why does it provide the products or services it does? What values does it stand for? If you communicate this clearly it will allow you to attract employees that complement your organisation’s values and who will fit seamlessly into your existing team.

  1. Tell them about your recent successes

A good prospective employee will naturally have an interest in the success of the employer they are hoping to work for. Ensure you highlight great performance to attract people who also want to perform well and do great work. Make sure the media know this too as people want to be part of organisations that make the headlines for the right reasons.

  1. Show them what they can be part of

Use your own media channels (publications, events, video, website and social media) to promote business milestones, financial achievements and other highlights. Using these channels is an excellent way of outlining what your business is all about and what potential future employees could expect if working for you. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated section on your website that lets potential employees know what your employer credentials are, their career development prospects and what benefits they will receive as part of their employment.

  1. Be proud of your community credentials

As I’ve outlined above, communicating the vision and achievements of your organisation plays an important part in telling people that your business has a promising future. In addition to this, it is important to be a good corporate citizen, to respect those whose environment you are working in and to be a positive part of the community. If potential employees can see this, it creates greater trust and confidence that you’re an employer that does the right thing, so shout about your community work and make it clear you encourage staff in their own fundraising and community endeavours.

  1. Make existing employees your recruitment ambassadors

Clearly, a company is more attractive to work for if it’s seen to actively value its staff and strives to develop them professionally. Prioritising staff training and development, as well as offering rewards, incentives and benefits will appeal to high achievers. Treating staff well will encourage others to want to be a part of it too. There is no more credible source of what it’s like to work for a particular company than its current workers.

The power of a good reputation is immeasurable, and once your fan base is established, it will take care of attracting the right talent for your company.

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