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The rise of content marketing

The rise of content marketing
Simon Turner Freshfield Managing Director

Written by Simon Turner,
Chief Executive & Group Client Director at Freshfield

For many professionals in business development and marketing, the term ‘content marketing’ may seem a new buzzword.

But getting under the skin of the discipline and it becomes obvious that content marketing is much more than a phase – it’s a tried and tested strategic model that helps achieve a raft of marketing objectives.

Freshfield has been running content marketing programmes since its inception but only recently positioned this as a stand-alone service. This move comes as we add Gina Millson to the FF ranks to help clients maximise the opportunities presented by video and audio content.

Technically, content marketing subscribes to the notion that ‘creating and sharing content with prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action’

Our position on content marketing is that it’s a service that helps clients maximise the use of their own media channels, whether that be a website, enewsletter or publication (owned media). It works alongside PR as a discipline that continues to use third-party online and offline media (earned media).

Like any good PR programme, quality, relevant content is king (and it should be planned) so the key to any successful content marketing programme is developing compelling content.

Such content may include:

– Blogs
– Videos and podcasts
– Case studies
– Regular enewsletters
– Printed newsletters

The beauty of content marketing is that it can help achieve a raft of objectives, especially when it is deployed alongside PR in an integrated fashion. The direct nature of it, and the fact that you dictate the content, means by its very nature you can create a more direct message.

It can help:

– Establish or reposition your brand
– Generate enquiries and leads
– Enhance search
– Build client loyalty
– Improve reputation
– Support PR strategies

The role of social media is to share content with your communities and drive inbound traffic to your website, the engine room of your marketing.

Naturally, PR, content marketing and social media are all related and should work in an integrated fashion – that’s why Freshfield commits to offer a joined-up marketing communications service.

With a team packed with former national, regional and broadcast journalists, and seasoned PR consultants we are perfectly placed to lead content marketing programmes.

According to the Content Marketing Association: ‘Content marketing is seen by over 70% of UK adults every month, and now accounts for more than 20% of marketing budgets, with that figure set to rise over the next 12 months’.

It’s an area we’ll be discussing much more in future blogs.

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