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For well over 20 years, Freshfield has been helping businesses in the professional services and financial services arenas. Our work helps market-leading professional firms connect with people to provide the right advice and support.

Freshfield’s professional services marketing team has become a respected partner to accountancy firms, law firms, barristers’ chambers, banks, funders, wealth managers and many others. Increasingly, we’re working with professional services firms to help them meet their social, economic and environmental goals, achieving business success while having a positive impact on people and communities.

Sectors we specialise in

Accountancy and business advisory

Freshfield has become known as a leading PR agency for accountants thanks to our extensive portfolio of work with within the financial services industry.

Our client experience includes working with accountancy firms that have a national and international reach, as well as regional firms and highly specialised accounting and advisory practices that work within specific sectors.

All these clients value us for our ability to help make often complex subjects, such as tax, pensions and financial management, accessible to business owners and management teams.

As well as long-term brand building work, we undertake a wide range of other marketing for accountants, including design and brand development, lead generation campaigns and business development consultancy. Our experience within the accountancy and business advisory sector has also made us a trusted partner to public sector business support organisations and funders.

Banking and corporate finance

Freshfield’s financial PR experience includes work with banks, funders and finance brokers in both the private and public sector, helping them communicate the wide range of support they can provide to their customers.

We also have longstanding experience of working with specialist corporate finance teams and their clients to help with PR and communications activity around business sales and purchases, fundraising and other investments.

We provide a full range of PR, marketing and communications services to businesses in the financial services sector, including business development and lead generation campaigns, brand consultancy, and PR and content campaigns.

Legal and marketing services

We have become a leading legal PR agency thanks to our work with law firms, barristers’ chambers, and leading individuals within the legal sector.

Our clients in the legal sector value us for our knowledge, broad range of experience, and honest and trusted advice. We have worked alongside a variety of law firms, from large multi-disciplinary firms with multiple offices to smaller specialised practices.

We can bring discipline to law firm marketing and BD efforts, help firms find and use their brand voice, win new customers and engage with the wider professional community.

Whether it’s developing a new brand identity for the legal market, devising a law firm digital marketing campaign, or implementing a long-term PR for law firms programme, we have the right blend of expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Wealth management and financial planning

Our work in the wealth management and financial planning arena has seen us building long-term partnerships with our clients, helping them to communicate effectively, win new customers, generate wealth and protect futures.

As a financial PR agency, we have a solid understanding of the strictly regulated environment of the financial planning industry and can help guide our clients to market themselves with impact and in a responsible way.

We’ve worked with an array of firms, from large wealth management brands to smaller independent financial planning practices. As well as promoting their work with clients, we can also help financial planning firms to realise the important role they play in society and support them to have more impact on people and communities.

Why we are passionate about these sectors

The professional and financial services sectors are vital to our business community and economy, but also our neighbourhoods and communities. Clients in this arena provide advice that help businesses grow, innovate, create jobs and deliver valuable community investment, as well as helping people and families on complex issues. Helping people understand the wider social value our clients deliver motivates and inspires us.

Types of impact we can deliver

  • Help you launch new products and services
  • Build your brand and reputation
  • Create new leads and opportunities
  • Find your true brand identity and tone of voice
  • Create powerful campaigns and marketing collateral
  • Generate powerful media coverage
  • Support you to deliver social value
  • Communicate your ESG activity

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