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Effective internal communication is the cornerstone of any successful organisation.

At Freshfield, our employee communications specialists understand the HR and people challenges faced by companies of all sizes, especially in an evolving workplace with dispersed teams.

Our advice and programmes are designed to foster clear, consistent, and engaging communication within your workforce, ensuring team members feel informed, engaged and motivated.

How we can help:

  • Internal communications framework: We can help you develop a clear and robust internal communications framework covering the key pillars of strategy, communicate, engagement and measurement. This includes the creation of internal communications ambassadors, messaging and channel strategy.
  • Values development: We can evaluate existing values, facilitate fresh eyes workshops to brainstorm, discuss, and confirm your core values, while devising campaigns to embed your core values.
  • Employer brand message development: Our team can help create clear and consistent messages that resonate with your employees of today and tomorrow.
  • Channel strategy: We can evaluate your current internal communications channels to ensure they are relevant and effective. We can also advise on market-leading internal communications software.
  • Employee engagement: We can craft campaigns that foster engagement and participation among employees.
  • Recruitment campaigns: We provide recruitment campaign support for clients, covering owned and paid media.

Investing in internal communications can help create an aligned and motivated workforce, and play a vital role in helping you achieve your company goals.

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How we can help

  • Internal communications framework
  • Internal reputation audits
  • Employer brand narrative
  • Values
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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