Merger and Acquisitions Communication PR

Freshfield can help you create the right brand, communications and marketing strategy to make your merger or acquisition a success for leaders, investors and employees.

Two people shaking hands. Freshfield has the perfect blend of mergers and acquisitions PR expertise to advise organisations throughout the whole process.

With a powerful combination of marketing communications capabilities, senior management experience and sector insight, Freshfield has the perfect blend of expertise to ensure you achieve your objectives.

We can advise organisations throughout the whole journey of a merger or acquisition. We work with owners and management teams to help prepare businesses for sale, creating brand and communications strategies that put the vending business in the most favourable light to prospective buyers.

In the build up to a merger or acquisition, we create robust communications plans to ensure the right message is created and communicated to the right stakeholders when announcing details of a deal. Just as importantly, we also create careful employee communications programmes that keep staff up-to-date and informed.

When company ownership changes hands or two companies join forces, the DNA of that organisation changes. There are a lot of key strategic communications decisions facing the new management team. What is our new brand promise? Is a new name required? What is our new brand story? Do we require a new logo? How can we merge two websites? When do we tell staff and customers?

Freshfield will work with you at the earliest opportunity to make informed strategic decisions to ensure your merger or acquisition is a success.

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How we can help

  • Campaigns and programmes to help market and prepare businesses for sale
  • Client communication strategies
  • Naming, brand strategy and identity development
  • Merger and acquisitions announcements
  • Digital marketing integration
  • Merger integration communications programmes
  • Create marketing and digital assets for merged companies
  • Employee communications programmes
  • Working with boards and management teams to create new vision and values
  • Post-merger or acquisitions communications programmes

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