ESG Communications

Achieving and communicating better ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) credentials is a growing priority for many organisations, and an area where Freshfield can provide strategic advice and ESG communications support.

Freshfield can help clients to understand exactly what ESG is, how it can align with your business purpose, and the issues you need to consider when starting to put together an ESG strategy.

The clamour to communicate on ESG has been driven by increasing regulation and a conscious move by investors towards companies that prioritise people and planet, not just profit.

However, ESG is also a misunderstood concept, often confused with being merely about philanthropy or sustainability efforts.

It’s often said that ESG is a business’ licence to operate and that ‘before companies can seek to do good, they must first prove they do no harm’.

And it’s true that a large part of ESG Communications is welcoming public scrutiny on whether stated purpose is aligned with actual performance.

Our work in this arena often starts with a Fresh Eyes session to determine what matters most to your organisation and how you can align this purpose with some clear ESG goals.

If you’re already further along on your ESG journey, we can also support you with a wide range of communications around ESG.

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How we can help

  • Helping you understand ESG
  • Discussing ESG in the context of your business purpose


  • Working with you to help shape an ESG strategy
  • Creation of an ESG Communications strategy
  • Helping you communicate your ESG goals
  • Helping you to report on ESG goals

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