CEO Communications

Freshfield can help chief executives become chief communicators, winning hearts and minds of key stakeholders.

CEOs play a crucial role in a successful communications strategy. As the ‘face of the business’, they have the power to heavily influence their organisation’s reputation.

They set the style and tone for the communication throughout every company department. And what they say can have a direct impact on business performance, reputation and employee engagement.

Freshfield can help chief executives become chief communicators, helping leaders build an authentic personal brand, support corporate PR objectives, hone their own communications skills and win the hearts and minds of key stakeholders.

We work closely with leaders to understand their aspiration and what they stand for as people, helping them define their own CEO personality and voice.

This helps us shape an authentic leadership narrative and ensure a positive standing with stakeholders including customers, staff, investors, influencers and community members.

Freshfield has partnered with many of its client leaders on community impact work, making a positive difference to many lives and communities.

How we can help

  • Communications training from media training to voice coaching
  • Establish you as a thought leader in your industry
  • Help improve your employee engagement and internal reputation
  • Improve your social media presence to expand your reach
  • Interviews with key journalists and personal media profiles
  • Introduce you to fellow professionals and build your networks
  • Secure speaking opportunities at exclusive events and round tables

If you have a specific challenge and need our help, please speak to one our specialists today.

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